Food & Wine

Enjoy renowned Breakfast Buffets, Wine Tastings, and Freshly Baked Cookies at 5 Star Hotel. You’ll never go hungry here!

Delightful menu

Thanks to the owner’s many years of experience in catering, and together with our top chefs, we created menus through which you will get to know the best of local flavors, and in the diverse ambience of our restaurants you will get to know the typical Mediterranean hedonism.


Fantastic pizza masters and friendly staff of Pizzeria 1991 on the ground floor of Hotel Square will make sure that your indulgence in culinary pleasures is pleasant and relaxing


The menu of the main restaurant Atrium consists of the best international cuisine and local specialties that are characteristic for the Mediterranean way of life.

Ready for a luxury experience?

Hotel Square is here to take care of all your needs and your only responsability is to relax and enjoy lasting memories.
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